My heart beats like an insecure child,
restless in his innocence and,
in his yearning,
as white leaves rocking
the golden dream of his youth.

Mi corazon late como un nino inseguro,
inquieto en su inocencia y,
en su anhelo,
como hojas blancas balancea
el sueno dorado de su juventud

Ana Artiel

Artist statement

For me, Art is an expression of what I feel in a specific moment, my reaction to certain circumstances or events, a memory in my path and the feeling of love for life. It is the harmony between my past and my present, a transition to my future and what I want to project in others' eyes. Art is what I feel and how I want to transmit that feeling to the viewer. It is a projection of me into other people's feelings. Art is what makes people look with their hearts and make them feel. It transports you to a subconscious world of hopes and dreams... it is a wake up of human sentiments and those sentiments are what make my brush keep dancing.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The fisherman beach

I love the beach. I like to go very early in the morning , sit down in the sand and see the sun wake up and see the fisherman arrive after a long night of work. I visited my Country two years ago and of course I went to the beach. When I returned to the United States I wanted to retain all of the sensations I felt, the places I used to love and the simplicity of everyday life. The fisherman's beach is one of those places that stay with you forever. Simple life of people's struggles for everyday survival. Happy people thankful for what they have and what the ocean gives to them.
The Fisherman Beach / Playa de los Pescadores
Oil on canvas
20 x 16